1 Shipping 

1.1 Delivery Rates 

We ship your package(s) within 3-7 business days. 

After shipping we will send you an e-mail & text message to inform you.

We stopped using Economic Shipping. We work with SF Express & DHL E-commerce to deliver our packages through out the world.

Delivery Rate(s);

United States: 7-20 Days
Canada: 10-20 Days
Europe: 7-15 Days
Italy & France: 10-20 Days
Australia: 15-30 Days
Russia: 12-25 Days
Turkey: 17-35 Days
Arabian Countries: 15-25 Days
Mexico: 15-25 Days
Brazil: 15-25 Days
Hong Kong: 5-15 Days
Taiwan: 5-15 Days
Other Asian Countries: 10-20 Days

Roughly we deliver the most countries within 7-29 Days.

If you want Exact delivery rate of your country, you can reach us via;

US Warehouse number : 00 1 323 792 2607

China Warehouse number : 00 86 152 4201 9642

Note: We have our own factory located in Dalian ,China, and we directly ship out from our Dalian warehouse.

1.2 Worldwide Shipping 

We ship our products Worldwide including all countries in the world ;) So you don't need to worry about "If we ship to your country?" - Yes we do.

Shipping Address: 

We only accept ENGLISH letters on shipping addresses. Please do not use your own language including Russian, Chinese etc. while setting your delivery address. Otherwise, we will require a confirmation E-MAIL about your address in English letters.

1.3 Where are you based?

We are located in USA,UK and China  However, we ship our products from various warehouses in order to reduce the cost of our products.  So you can expect your products to be shipped from USA,UK China. We are the world's leading aviation store & company, and we work with the biggest and high quality factories accross the world. 

1.4 Covid19 Limitations

Yes, we are also affected by Covid19. We removed our Economic Shipping completely in order to avoid delays. We currently use Express delivery system only, and deliver even faster than before.  Without hesitating you can place your orders, and we will make sure to deliver your products on time.

2 Tracking  

2.1 How To Track?

We have professional application to help you tracking your packages 24/7 from our website. 

Please Click Here to visit our tracking page;

2.2 I can not track my package!

Please reach us via;


Phone : +1-323-792-2607

Live chat (Appear on website )

We will help you to track your package.

2.3 Where can I find my Tracking Number? 

Please note that, we ship our products within 3-7 business days. 

Tracking numbers are automatically e-mailed to you after shipping. Basically, our system works fully automated. 

Our warehouse ships -> enters the tracking -> you get an e-mail & text message from us.

You can find your tracking code after login at your account and click on your order.

You should see this section if your products are shipped;

If you still cannot find your tracking code, you can Click Here to visit our tracking page, where you can track your packages with your e-mail and order number only. 

2.4 It has been over 4-5 days, and I still don't have my tracking!

 Some products require longer time than normal as it takes a little time to manufacture them for you.

Please allow 2-3 more days, and if you still don't have by then, 

please reach us at;


Phone : +1-323-792-2607

Live chat (Appear on website )

Note: We ship within 3-7 business days, Saturday and Sunday's are not counted as business days.

3 Return & Size Problems & Wrong Product 

3.1 Size Problems 

No problem at all! - Simply e-mail us at; including your order number and exact problem. 

You will need to return the product in original condition within 30 days to our warehouse, or we may offer you different options. Simply contact with us if you face with this kind of problems. 

More About Choosing your correct size

Some of our products are produced in Asian factories, therefore, sizes may be small or bigger. On each product there is a specific size chart, and our recommendations.

For example, 80% of our Jackets have Size Chart Guide, where you can select your best size based on your Weight and Height.

PLEASE VISIT EACH PRODUCT TYPE's Description section to learn more about its size. 

If you are not sure, please contact with us, our support team will be very happy to assist you.

3.2 Returning a Product

After receiving your product, you have 30 days to return it back to our warehouse in original condition.

If you want to return a product for some reason, you must cover the shipping fee of return. 

We cannot pay shipping fees on any kind of return since International shipping is very expensive.

In order to arrange your return safely, please reach us first! at;


Phone : +1-323-792-2607

Live chat (Appear on website )

3.3 I received a wrong product 

It can happen very rarely, but our warehouses may make mistakes time to time during busy shipping seasons.

No worries, we will not ask you to return the wrong product.

All you need to do is to contact with us at with your ORDER NUMBER, and ORIGINAL PHOTO of the product you received.

Our support team will investigate this problem within 24 hours, and arrange you a replacement as soon as possible.

4 How To Pay?

4.1 Credit Card

You can safely pay with your Credit Card, Bank Card, or Debit Cards on our website. 

We use a system called Stripe (World's leading & most safest) Credit Card payment company.

Please do not hesitate paying with Credit Card.

4.2 PayPal

You can also pay with PayPal which is World's most safest payment option for Online Shopping.

4.3 Western Union & Bank Transfers etc

We can accept this kind of payments, but you will need to contact with us via e-mail or our Live Chat to arrange this option.

Our system will not create orders with those payment methods.

Contact with us at:

4.4 Cash on Delivery

Sorry, this option is NOT AVAILABLE!

4.5 WeChat Pay and Alipay :

Yes we support  

5 Why PILOTSX Store? 

* We are the World's Leading and The biggest Online Aviation Store. More than 46000+ inventories.

* We are not drop-shipper as other aviation stores do so. 

* We guarantee you the best or nothing.

* Now, we guarantee to deliver your products as fast as possible. 

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